Another Happy Customer Switched to WordPress

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Here’s a testimonial from a client who recently switched to WordPress. Be sure and check out Jenny’s blogs and see what she’s up to!

I had my two websites with another company for two years.  I paid over $600 a year for both websites.  I was not only looking for a way to reduce my yearly cost of the website, but also a way to get them in a blog format.  I wanted them in a blog format because I wanted to have a two-way communication with my readers and also wanted the possibility of being able to write a lot one day and have the posts publish for the next week.  In other words, I didn’t want to have to write everyday, but my readers still get to read articles everyday!  So, I looked into blogging and Ninja Blog Setup and another service were recommended to me.

So I decided that I would look into both companies and after several e-mails with Shawn, I ended up going with Ninja Blog Setup.  Shawn is so easy to communicate with.  He emails you back very quickly, answers all my questions and if he doesn’t have the answer, he investigates it until he does!

So, although I just wanted to have two websites transferred to WordPress, I ended up starting two more websites.  Unlike the previous company I was with, when you sign up for hosting with Hostgator, you can have as many websites as you want.  So I just keep thinking of ideas and ask Shawn to set them up for me.

Now I am in the process of having Shawn upgrade my sites to Premium WordPress Installations!  Thanks, Shawn.  I really am excited about the possibilities ahead.

Jenny Dean of,, and

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