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I Heart AWeber.comOk, if you’ve browsed around the web and learned anything at all about internet marketing, you’ve surely come across the phrase “the money is in the list!” I can’t even begin to count how many websites I’ve read that on or how many times I’ve heard it in some video. But guess what? It’s true!

Sure, you can make money without building a list, but take a look at just about any major website that sells something. Most of them are going to have some type of form where you can sign up to get something. It might be a coupon, an ebook, free information or maybe a free download of some kind. Why do they do this? Because they make money from that list…and if you don’t have a list, you are absolutely leaving money on the table!

Now, I’m certainly not saying you should use your list to spam people…that will make them unsubscribe in a hurry! However, if you are providing great information through your blog, you will gain the trust of many people and they will be happy to sign up for your free newsletter because they want more quality information from you. Then, when you send them quality newsletters filled with the information they are looking for, and you mix in some targeted affiliate links from time to time, you can generate some sweet affiliate income. Your chances of earning more money grows as you add more and more people to your list. The bigger your list…the bigger your paycheck!

So, if you’re going to be serious about internet marketing, YA GOTTA GET A LIST!!, and the best way to do that is with Aweber. It’s what I use and it’s probably the most popular email marketing service on the web. The best part is, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s no risk to try it out. Sign up here and start building that list!


  1. So because I commented, I’m on a list? Now you tell me…. j/k

    What are the price/contact ranges for the lists?

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    • Dave, I realize you added j/k for “just kidding” to your comment above but I have to tell everyone out there DAVE WAS JUST KIDDING…you won’t be added to a spam list just because you commented here!

      You can find Aweber’s pricing here:

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