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This article is a guide to domain names as they relate to blogs. As I have mentioned before, I believe that blogging on a free weblog platform like is a big mistake, primarily because you do not own the domain name and therefore are not building equity in your own blog brand.

In this article I have created three videos to guide you through the process of selecting, registering and configuring your blog domain name.

Before You Begin

Choosing a blog domain name is the second most important decision of your blogging career. The first is to choose your topic, so for this article we will assume that you know your subject and are ready to decide on the blog’s domain name and get it registered and pointed at your hosting account so you can begin to use WordPress.

Choosing A Blog Domain Name

In this video I log on to two of my favorite blog domain name brainstorming tools. They are both slightly different and they will speed up the process of finding a name and help you come up with word combinations and synonyms that you wouldn’t normally think of on your own. 1. Domains Bot and 2. Bust A Name.
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Registering A Domain Name for Your Blog

Registering a blog name is a relatively simple process, that will be straight-forward for anyone that has done any e-commerce or online shopping. There are a couple tips that I cover in this video that are worth catching. These include how to save up to 15% on your blog domain name and a brief discussion on the privacy aspects of owning your own domain name, including a couple tips for protecting your privacy when buying a domain name.
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Pointing Your Domain at Your Hosting Account

In the last video of the blog domain series, I show you how to log into your domain registrar account and update the blog domain name’s DNS (domain name server) setting so that they are pointing at your hosting account. You will need to have already signed up for blog hosting in order to complete this step as the DNS settings are supplied by and specific to the company where your blog will be hosted.

See the following video for a walk-through of the process of updating your blog’s domain to point to a WordPress hosting account.
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Advantages of Having your Own Blog Domain

The primary advantage of using a blog domain name is to own and control your address online. Whether you are creating a business weblog, a private blog or a political blog having your own blog domain is recommended. The other key advantage of having your own domain name for your weblog is the weblog software. While is fine, it doesn’t compare to the power and flexibility of the fully hosted version of WordPress.

The weblog tools available to users of WordPress are fantastic. Tools that allow you to embed planning spreadsheets (say you have a management blog) to moderation and filtering of blog comments, to archiving and using public domain photos or public domain films or videos from YouTube.

Certain plugins are available that will allow your blog posts to show up in blog search engines which will increase your blog readership. Please, if you are new to blogging and still deciding about your blog software, consider having blog software hosted on your own blog domain. The investment is relatively small and the payoff could be considerable over the course of your online blog publishing efforts.

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