Testimonial: EmpoweredAttraction.com

Posted By on Oct 13, 2007 | 0 comments

The technical skill and time needed to set up a beautiful and functional blog is enormous if you are not familiar with the computer literacy aspect. I was becoming frustrated with the endless technical details and discouraged that I might never have a blog.

Ninja Blog Setup was suggested to me. I sent an email. I had a blog up and was posting on it within 1 day. That simple.

I can’t say enough about their professionalism, their willingness to answer questions, to accommodate my technical limitations, and customize my blog preferences.

My experience with the Ninja has been so positive that I probably will begin another blog in the future. I would not consider doing it myself when all I could accomplish and more is an email away.

This company is the ultimate in customer service. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long before contacting them.
Christine Scaman

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