Thesis 1.7: New Features Plus a Surprise for Affiliates

Posted By on Apr 1, 2010 | 4 comments

Thesis 1.7 has just been released by DIY Themes and there are some great new features including additional SEO controls, a way to backup and restore your theme customizations, plus a super easy way for affiliates to mask beautify their affiliate links for better click-throughs! Check out my video below for a quick overview of what’s new, then head on over to DIY Themes and see why so many internet marketers are in love with Thesis.

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  1. Hmm.. this phrase bothers me:

    a super easy way for affiliates to mask their affiliate links for better click-throughs

    Isn’t that just the same as false advertising??

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    • No, there’s nothing false at all in this case. False advertising would be making the user think they were going one place (DIY Themes in this case) while taking them to another (a Viagra site for example). Did you happen to watch me use the feature in the video? In the example I used, I’m actually preventing this confusion by making the link look more appropriate to the destination and helping the user to feel more comfortable about where they will be going.

      This is typical affiliate marketing. Most companies use some type of affiliate network to manage their affiliate program. Sometimes, the affiliate links can be rather ugly and look like they have nothing to do with the product causing some people to be wary of clicking on them. This feature of Thesis simply makes the link “pretty” and more user friendly. In retrospect, maybe using the word “masking” sounds worse than intended, so I’ll change it to “beautify” instead.

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  2. Shawn! This is so exciting. I cannot wait to get my sites switched over to it…with your help, of course.

    Also, I liked the fact that you said you were deleting more comment spam on Twitter yesterday – I totally agree, why do those people try?

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    • Jenny, I have no idea. I guess maybe a portion of their spam gets through so they continue to do it. I got one yesterday that was nothing but a long list of about two dozen links…yeah like that’s really gonna add to the conversation.

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