Transfer From Typepad to Hosted WordPress

Posted By on Sep 4, 2007 | 0 comments

Here is a quote from a thread on the Payperpost forums:

I am VERY frustrated, I don’t understand anything!
I am wondering if it is a good idea to hire someone to do this for me, or is that dangerous? I guess I would be giving my passwords?
here is what I want to happen:
I have 7 different domains that are hosted at typepad on one account, The most important is which much of is on wordpress still (I think I need to delete that stuff but kind of want a permanent home for it first).
I realize now I can’t customize and get to the html with typepad so I signed up with bluehost a few days ago – Again! I gave up last time because I couldn’t understand anything!!

After someone recommended our service, and “mainemama” contacted the Ninjas, she posted the following:

thanks everyone, I got two of my 7 moved and setup with WordPress, feedburner and other stuff, hopefully settled in for a little while until I can press on with my blog empire. So if anyone is looking for someone who is nice/friendly/patient, the Ninja did a fast job.

This was a transfer of 2 complete blogs from Typepad to WordPress. One of the sites is just getting started but you can visit to see the results.

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