Two More Happy Ninja-fied Bloggers

Posted By on Dec 12, 2007 | 0 comments

Chris Murray from Bed And Breakfast Entrepreneurs

Thank you so much for setting up my blog, Not only could I drive it straight away, you were more than patient in answering my questions even after you had finished. What service is that!

Chris Murray

Tom from One Quart Low

(for Tom I moved his existing site to a new WordPress hosting company)

Over the past couple of weeks, my search engine traffic has exploded. Am I more riveting? Are my posts that much more exciting? In a word, no.
What has changed is my entire blog, thanks to the Ninja. He upgraded my blog with all the bells and whistles that many WordPress types have enjoyed and perhaps even taken for granted. Now, I see traffic hitting my site seeking things that are (strange but true) on my site!!

This service was a Godsend in my opinion. Do yourself a HUGE favor and at least go to his site pimped above and bookmark it. You may have no worries and no desire to change things up today, but things do have a way of happening. Bookmark, save it to favorites, subscribe to his blog, do whatever, but keep the link handy. When ya need it, look this guy up.

Read Tom’s entire review on his site.

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