WordPress 3.0 Is Here, But Don’t Upgrade Just Yet

Posted By on Jun 17, 2010 | 0 comments

WordPress 3.0 has just been released and is jam-packed full of a bunch of great new features. One of the biggest new features in my opinion is a much improved custom navigation area that offers extreme flexibility in setting up your navigation menus. Also, the default WordPress theme has finally been retired and replaced with a new theme called Twenty Ten that actually looks pretty darn nice. I’m not saying it’s going to replace all the premium themes on the market (it’s not), but it will work very nicely for bloggers who aren’t ready to spend the extra money for a premium theme.

Although the new release may have you itching to go upgrade your existing sites..WAIT!! Before upgrading, you will want to give plugin and theme designers a chance to upgrade their plugins and themes. They’ll be busy over the next few weeks working out all the bugs and making sure their products work well with WordPress 3.0. There’s nothing like upgrading only to find out that half your plugins don’t work or your theme no longer displays properly. My advice…be patient and give it about thirty days. It will be much safer to upgrade then.

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