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Special Offer: Sign-up for WordPress hosting using one of our preferred hosts and Ninja Blog Setup will install, setup and configure a WordPress blog for you, for free! (After you sign-up for hosting, fill out the form to order your blog installation.)

Choose Your Host Wisely

Before you can have a self-hosted WordPress blog with your very own domain name, you must first select a host for your site. The host is the company that provides the server where your site will be digitally stored on a hard drive and be continually connected to the internet where it can be accessed by billions of internet users. All hosts are not created equally, however, so it pays to learn just a little bit about what you should look for in a quality blog hosting company.

WordPress Hosting Plan Components

A standard hosting environment for blog hosting software will include the following components.

  • Apache web server, which is found on almost 100% of Linux hosting services.
  • SQL server – usually MySQL which will manage the WordPress blog database.
  • A mail host, which allows your WordPress site to send email notifications for things like comments, password resets and administrator functions.
  • Fantastico – allows easy installation of WordPress and many other popular website management tools: Drupal (themes), osCommerce, Moveable Type.
  • PHP – WordPress runs best on the latest version of php 5+

WordPress Hosting Benefits

Getting your WordPress site hosting setup on your own domain name can have many benefits over using free blog hosting services like WordPress.com or Blogger.

  1. Custom WordPress themes: You can visit any of the many WordPress themes download sites and modify it or have a designer modify it to perfectly represent your topic or business blog.
  2. WordPress plug-ins: You can perform an almost unlimited number of creative services that make creating a blog easier.
  3. Multiple sites: With a web hosting reseller unlimited account, or even many shared hosting plans, you can host 20 or more WordPress blogs on one hosting provider plan.

WordPress Host Advanced Features

There are many blog hosting elements that will not affect the novice or low traffic blogger searching for reliable and affordable WordPress hosting. However once your WordPress blog begins to earn decent money or you experience bandwidth limits or process throttling, you may want to upgrade to a more advanced WordPress host.

  • Server virtualization allows your WordPress blog to run unaffected by other sites on the same server. You are protected from downtime that could result from other sites’ traffic spikes or errors.
  • Dual processor servers or even quad processor servers provide extra speed and power for high traffic or processor intensive sites. For example lots of AJAX or many database calls for each page that is served. WordPress hosting will sometimes benefit from this if your site has a lot of traffic.

WordPress Web Host Cautions

These are the primary things to be aware of when looking for WordPress blog hosting:

  • Windows hosting – WordPress will run on Windows servers, but it can be a hassle and some features like the very important search engine friendly links (permalinks) can be almost impossible. Avoid Windows Servers for WordPress hosting (this has nothing to do with the Windows on your own PC.
  • Poor support – Before I signup for any WordPress hosting, I always like to contact support with a question. Just ask “what version of WordPress is your Fantastico currently installing?” if you can’t think of anything else to ask.
    • If it isn’t the latest version, the blog host may not be the most reliable hosting company.
    • If it takes a long time for them to respond to your question (more than a couple hours), move along and select another.
  • Cheap hosting – look for blog hosting experts. Sure going with a $2 a month plan will be probably be fine when things are running smoothly, but when your best post ever gets mentioned on ProBlogger.net or Digg.com and your server crashes, you won’t want to wait 24 hours for a response to your service ticket.
  • Shady promises of free WordPress installations. I see quite a few blog hosting companies advertising “free WordPress installation” but they really only have a way for you to just install the basics yourself. You’ll still be many hours of work away from having the type of blog you are expecting.

Fortunately our WordPress hosting offer allows you to get a fully featured WordPress blog setup and ready to blog for free, just by signing up for your WordPress hosting services from any of the hosting links on this page.

Happy blogging,
Ninja Shawn


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  3. Years ago I used one.com(not recommended) for my hosting and quickly found it to be very limiting in what they offer.

    Always think of the future of your website and if a host will not allow something basic like wordpress then run for the hills.


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  4. It’s incredible to consider exactly what webhosting looked like a decade earlier. Packages were definitily really expensive, a person received hardly any space and then data transfer plus assistance seemed to be frequently simply Usa business hours. In these days you happen to be getting limitless allocations for a few greenbacks monthly along with 24/7 help support.

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