Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for my website to be completed?
Once the initial email consultation is completed, your website will normally be installed within 2-3 business days. Theme customizations, styling modifications and certain other tasks may require additional time to complete. I do not work on weekends, vacations or holidays.

What forms of payment do you accept?
All payments are processed securely via PayPal, so you may pay with any major credit card or use your PayPal account funds.

Your free installation service doesn’t offer the host I want to use. Can I choose a different host and still get it free?
No, I only provide the free installation with the hosting company I’m partnered with.

Why should I use WordPress?
There are many good reasons…it’s search engine friendly, it’s regularly updated, it has tons of themes available to make your website stand out, it has tons of available plugins (kind of like apps) that add additional features to your website and it’s supported by an enormous online community.

However, the biggest advantage of WordPress is the freedom to create an income-producing website. The “free” blog services limit you to what you can install on your site. However, with a self-hosted WordPress website, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Whether you are creating an affiliate site, a membership site or you’re selling your own ebooks or products, it won’t be a problem if you’re using WordPress.

Can’t I just use my hosting company’s one-click installer?
The one-click installer offered by many hosting companies allows you to quickly install the default version WordPress. However, that’s only the first of many steps to setting up your website. There are lots of settings inside WordPress that need to be configured after installation, you’ll probably want a different theme than the plain one that comes with WordPress and there are likely several plugins you’ll need to install before your website is the way you want it to be . One-click installers don’t do any of this for you.

What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?
WordPress.com is a free blogging service much like Blogger or Tumblr. You don’t technically own your blog with these services since it exists on their servers instead of your own. Your options for themes and plugins are severely limited with WordPress.com.

WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of WordPress. The WordPress software is available free to be installed on your own server but you will need a domain name and hosting account before you can get started. A domain name can be registered for around $10 per year and hosting can be found for less than $10 per month. This small cost is more than offset by the flexibility and money-making advantages available with a self-hosted blog.

What information will you need to install my website?
I will have to upload files and configure a database on your hosting account’s server. To do that, I’ll need the user name and password for your hosting account control panel and FTP access. If you are choosing the Complete Website/Blog Package, I’ll also need the login information for your Google account so I can set up Google Analytics and Feedburner. Other tasks may require additional login credentials.

I fully understand the sensitivity of this information and recommend you provide me with temporary passwords and immediately change the passwords once I have completed all services. I operate a trustworthy business and come highly recommended by people like pro-blogger Yaro Starak. I sincerely value that trust because I know without it I would be unable to stay in business.

Do you offer WordPress training?
Yes, check out Ninja Blog University, the fastest way to learn WordPress!

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, please visit the affiliate page for complete details. If you like my services, why not make some money as an affiliate? I would love to partner with you!

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