10 Free WP Themes That Look Like They Cost Money

Posted By on Jan 19, 2010 | 6 comments

If you’ve been looking for a free WordPress theme to spice up your blog but just can’t find one that doesn’t look cheap, check out these 10 great WP themes. You may find one that gives you that custom look without having to pay one cent!

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Preview Amazing Grace



Preview Gravel

Ali Han Natural

Ali Han Natural

Preview Ali Han Natural


Dyna Blue

Preview DynaBlue


Watercolor Theme

Preview Watercolor


Hanging Theme

Preview Hanging


Nature_wdl Theme

Preview Nature_wdl


Retromania Theme

Preview Retromania


Swift Theme

Preview Swift


RedTime Theme

Preview RedTime


  1. Shawn, these are great and a great idea for a post. So are you including these now in your setup? Also, with ones that don’t have a header space like DynaBlue, can you add a header? Can you make the background color brown instead of blue? I mean, I am sure you can, but how difficult is it?

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    • They are all included in the Premium setup. I think there’s one or two that come in the Basic setup. You can see all the themes here: http://www.ninjablogsetup.com/current-themes/

      With a little theme editing, you could add an image to the header and change the background color, but you may lose the striping effect near the top of the page. I’ve not looked at the actual theme files, but it’s probably an image of blue stripes, which may not look right with a brown background.

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  2. This collection is awesome! Some great themes and I can’t wait to start using some of them. Thanks.

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  3. As a blog reader, I am always on the search for information that are both appealing and helpful to read and I must say your blog passed with high honors. Many thanks for the wonderful information you have shared! Will be coming back soon!

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