10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

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question-markI was recently asked the question, “Why use WordPress?” This is a very valid question for anyone thinking about building a website and looking at all the available platforms out there. WordPress is by no means the only platform out there to build a website with but in no time at all I had thought of ten reasons to use WordPress to build your website so here they are.

It’s Free!

It’s free, but don’t let the zero price tag fool you. WordPress is robust enough that Fortune 500 companies like Ford Motor Co. choose to use it. If it’s good enough for a multi-billion dollar company, it will likely suit your needs just fine.

Easy Integration

Many website owners want to add a blog to their site and often use WordPress as the platform to do that. With WordPress, you can create just a simple blog but you can just as easily create a static website with an integrated blog and kill two birds with one stone. There’s no need to have one platform for your website and another platform for your blog.

Regular Updates

WordPress is constantly releasing updates to stay up with the latest security threats, add features and improve usability. Sometimes, they update so often it’s hard to keep track, but with the built-in update feature, it’s painless. How many updates has your current platform had in the past year?

It’s Search Engine Friendly

Google seems to love WordPress. I have made new posts and seen Google index them in less than 10 minutes. I have had WordPress sites that got indexed without me even trying. Why? Because of the pinging feature of WordPress. It allows you to send “announcements” known as pings to tell various websites that you have new content on your site.

Easy SEO

With it’s built-in permalink feature and the right combination of plugins, WordPress can easily be optimized for the search engines. I recommend All-in-One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps. Together, they take the hassle out of search engine optimization and best of all, they’re free! Every site I build has these two plugins.

It’s Automatic

WordPress has a built-in categorizing and archiving feature, making your posts easy to find for both the user and the search engines. With WordPress, many things just happen automatically, so you can concentrate on creating great content and not worry about the technical details.

Free Support Everywhere

It’s easy to learn and if do you run into a problem, there are tons of free tutorials you can find on hundreds, if not thousands, of websites. Don’t like to read? Just go to YouTube and type in “WordPress Tutorials”. No other platform has as many free tutorials available online.

Tons of Themes

There are tons of great themes for WordPress. Many of them are free. Most premium themes can be had for less than $100. No other platform has such a large choice of themes and with WordPress you can easily switch from theme to theme.

Plenty of Plugins

There are tons of great plugins for WordPress. Again, many are free but even the ones you have to pay for can usually be purchased for between $20 and $80. No other platform has such a large network of people creating plugins which can be used to easily modify and customize your site.

Easy Money!

If you want to make money with your site through Adsense or affiliate marketing, you just can’t beat WordPress. Why? Because of the various plugins that are available to easily place ads from Google’s Adsense or affiliate networks like eBay, Amazon, Overstock and others. Some of these plugins are incredibly robust. A couple of my favorite affiliate plugins are phpBay and phpZon. Of course, you have to have great content to pull the traffic in before you can make money, but these plugins make it easier to make money from your hard-earned traffic.

Okay folks, those are ten good reasons to build a website with WordPress. Can you be successful with other platforms? Sure you can! But go look at the most successful bloggers in the blogoshpere and see what they are using. WordPress is undeniably the king of the blogs, but it can be used as a CMS (content management system) just as easily. I know lots of affiliates who use it to build their sites with, some of them making four figures or more every month. I myself have used it to build everything from affiliate websites to business websites to political blogs to church websites. Combine all the great features of WordPress with all the wonderful themes and plugins and there really is no limit to what you can do when building a website with WordPress.

Why do you use WordPress?

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